Practicando con Scratch

Esto no se lo comentéis a nadie pero algunas cosas no las se y las voy aprendiendo para poder ir enseñándooslas. Aquí por ejemplo estoy practicando cómo insertar un proyecto de Scrach en el blog para ver si os lo puedo exigir.

Aparentemente no.


Technology 1: Computers & the Internet

So, once again, here you can view the presentation we used in class. Remember you must use your own notes as a base for study, for there might be more info in the presentation than you actually need. I hope it will be useful to you.

Technology & Technological Processes

You can see below the digital presentations used in class for this first unit. They are old versions so you might find some differences with the actual lessons from this year.

Technological Processes:

Workplace Health & Safety:

Updated Notes:

These are the notes I made to show you how to take notes like a pro. They are more recent and complete than the presentations. I hope they prove to be useful.